Marg Brings Change

Thank you for taking part in our MargBringsChange campaign. That was a lot of fun wasn't it!?
We had over 200,000 views of our youtube videos, and 63,831 clicks of the virtual penny. Amazing!

Marg matched every virtual penny with a real one, and donated them to St. Martin's Regugee Outreach - organized by Ann & Dunley Peyton, parents of film director Brad Peyton of Gander, NL. The Peytons screened their son's latest film at the Gander Arts and Culture Centre last week and packed the house – raising a couple of thousand dollars in donations for their Syrian Refugee Outreach program. Thank you again to everyone that contributed. Thank you to every who voted on October 19th!

~ Marg Delahunty and her minions.

– We left the videos and your two cents online so you can check them out when you like. Thanks again –

Margbringschange.ca is volunteer run and self-funded. No affiliation (or moneys) have been granted to us by CBC or any other organizations.
The opinions represented here are entirely that of Warrior Princess Marg Delahunty (and her minions who helped on this project), no one else's.